Binary encoding deprecation in Node.js

Recently I had to implement an endpoint for an archaic API in Node.js, which required some binary manipulation.

Giving a quick peak at documentation, you will see that binary encoding should be avoided at all costs and is already deprecated, instead you should rely on buffers.

Here goes a really basic and quick example doing the same thing using encoding and then using buffers.

What you should NOT be doing:

stream.write(utils.pack('N', + 4) +,
 'binary', payload.callback);

Instead you should be doing:

var myb = new Buffer( + 4);
myb.writeUInt32BE(( + 4), 0);
myb.write(, 4);
stream.write(myb, payload.callback);

Realize that when you use a buffer in the write method, encoding does not fallback to utf8 by default.

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