Control your cloud from node.js

There was no node.js module implementing Onapp API, so I realized that it should be a good idea to implement it for my first npm published module. 🙂

There are still a lot of methods to implement, but the basic stuff is there. When i have time i will implement more.

Module’s structure is similar to other node client implementations out there, it is very readable.

node.js community is awesome and is certainly something I’m going to be doing more often.

Check it out at:

Installation, as usual, is done using npm awesomeness

npm install onapp

In order to started you need to instantiate a client.

var onapp = require('onapp');

var config = {
 username: '',
 apiKey: 'api_hash',
 serverUrl: ''

var client = onapp.createClient(config);

The options passed during VM creation, are exactly accordingly to Onapp API. This way you create a VM like you were using the original API.

var options = {
  memory: '1024',
  cpus: '1',
  cpu_shares: '50',
  hostname: '',
  label: 'VM from node',
  primary_disk_size: '10',
  swap_disk_size: '1',
  primary_network_id: '2',
  template_id: '6',
  hypervisor_id: 2,
  initial_root_password: '12345675',
  rate_limit: 'none'

client.createVirtualMachine(options, function (err, vm) {
  if(err !== null) {
  } else {

Powering off a VM.

client.getVirtualMachine('vm_id', function (err, vm) {
  if(err !== null) {
  } else {, data){});
    //vm.reboot(function(error, data){});
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