How to add a new data store to a Onapp cloud (iscsi & multipathd)

Here goes another one of those “post to remember later” posts 🙂

If you want to add a new data store to Onapp, first obviously you need to create a new LUN at your SAN and make sure it is visible.

1. Create the data store

  • Add a new datastore in the cloud control panel: Settings->Data stores->Add new data store
  • After this Onapp will create a identifier for the new data store, usually is something like “onapp-[string]”. Write down this identifier you will need it.

2. Create the volume group

  • Login to a hypervisor and run “iscsiadm -m node -R”
  • You should have a new storage device, just do a “multipath -ll” to make sure everything is ok.
  • Create a new physical volume with: “pvcreate –metadatasize 50M /dev/mapper/[the new device]”
  • Now create a new volume group with : “vgcreate [data store identifier from Onapp] /dev/mapper/[the new device]” make sure you dont use the wrong device.

3. Rescan iscsi in all hypervisors

  • Run “iscsiadm -m node -R” and “pvscan” in all hypervisors.

4. Add the data store

  • Add the new data store to the desired hypervisor zone in Onapp. Settings->Hypervisor Zones->Click on a zone->Manage Data Stores

As usual here comes the usual disclaimer: this worked at the time i wrote this, it may not work in the future.

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