A little brainstorm about mobile…

About a year ago, i started looking for a good cross-platform development framework for our mobile apps.
After a few weeks hacking around Titanium (before the new Eclipse based IDE was launched), i decided to pull the plug on it since we had multiple different problems in each platform, a nightmare…

In order to launch something quick, i used my previous experience in Android , and built something very quick, using native SDK, to get us started.
IOS app at the time? Nothing in the horizon…

Im a full stack guy, that loves to put his hands in everything (i leave design to people with better fashion taste). Learning Objective-C was not a problem for me, although my language count is high and i dont want to lose focus.
The problem at the time was: Wasting time learning a language and platform that i could never use for anything else than develop apps for a very specific mobile platform (IOS).

Some of you reading this are screaming: PHONEGAP , call me stupid, but one year ago i really underestimated the potential phonegap had.
I saw some potential in it but i was naif and never saw the bigger picture around web based mobile apps, i had the idea that there were always some limitations, again naif…

What i mean by bigger picture was combining all this great JS libraries/frameworks out there, in order to “build a framework” that gives almost the same advantages than native, architecture wise, mvc model for example.

Today we are building our new mobile apps using Phonegap , combining backbone.js, jquery,… all this good stuff out there.
Its giving us a good solid structure to grow in the future, without all past cross platform problems from Titanium , in the end of the day its pure web development.

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